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Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

UNM's Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program is a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary program that prepares graduates for research and success in the contemporary field of biological medical and translational sciences.

The program, which includes MS and the PhD degree tracks, offers an opportunity to gain a broad understanding of the biomedical sciences in a spectacular Southwestern setting of unsurpassed beauty, rich cultural heritage and geographic diversity.

This integrated departmental program provides students with a broad-based, one-year core curriculum, followed by focused coursework and thesis/dissertation research conducted in faculty laboratories in the School of Medicine’s basic science. In addition to School of Medicine faculty, the graduate program is complemented by affiliated faculty in the College of Pharmacy, Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute and Los Alamos National Laboratory, who may direct graduate student research. To receive their degree, students must fulfill program requirements in one of six areas of research. Read more.

Education and Training

The Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology engages students at all levels of academic life - undergraduates, medical students, research fellowships and the UNM Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program.

Undergraduate Education

Graduate Studies

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